Make wordpress menu links nofollow – rel=”nofollow” to menu navigation

How to make wordpress menu links nofollow - add nofollow to menu itemRecently a visitor asked us how to make the wordpress menu links nofollow. First of all nofollow is a link element that tells Google not to pass any ranking values (page rank) to the other linked document. Honestly adding rel=”nofollow” is very useful to maintain your page strength. We have once discussed a lot about these dofollow links and nofollow links which will help you.

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>External Website</a>

You can simply make a link nofollow by adding rel=”nofollow” in it, but what about navigational menu links. The build in wordpress menu system is flexible that lets you add your site pages, posts, categories, tags and URLs in your menu. Other than that do you know that you can add link target, CSS class, link relationship and description? Here let’s see how to make wordpress menu links nofollow.

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Make wordpress menu links nofollow

By default all your wordpress menu items are dofollow. In each menu item you will have an option to add a link relationship where you can add nofollow simply. But this is an advanced menu option which is hidden by default. To bring this option you have to check Link Relationship (XFN) in your screen options. Here is how you do it.

Make wordpress menu links nofollow - add nofollow to navigational menu item

Step 1: Login to your wordpress dashboard and navigate to Appearance >> menus.

Step 2: Now under menu system drop down any menu item that you have organized.

Step 3: You will see an option named “Link Relationship (XFN)”. If you don’t see it then scroll your window to the top, drop down screen options at the right corner and check on Link Relationship (XFN) option.

How to add nofollow to navigational links, nofollow wordpress menu items

Step 4: Now this option will be added to all your menu items. Strictly add nofollow in that field and wordpress will automatically make that item nofollow.

How to make wordpress menu links nofollow, nofollow navigation items

Save menu when everything is perfectly organized.

For the sake of SEO we always suggest you to maintain a good linking structure (whether it is internal links or external links) in your wordpress site. Adding nofollow in your menu item is useful when you are linking to an external site. You can even add nofollow to your internal links such as privacy policy, TOS etc and all that depends on your SEO strategy.

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