How to install wordpress on localhost using wamp

How to install wordpress on localhost using wampHere I am going to show you how to install wordpress on localhost using wamp, before that first you need to set up a local server. Here i have explained how to run your computer as a local server.

  • Set up a directory for your projects, for that you have to go to C:\wamp\www which is a default one i have installed wamp. Now create a new folder here C:\wamp\www, i have named it as project 1.
  • Now go to browser http://localhost or it will shows your project files on your projects section or you can go to your projects directly in web browser as

Install wordpress on localhost

How to setup wordpress on your local computer using WAMP

  • Now Unzip the wordpress file that you have downloaded and paste in to the directory that is C:\wamp\www\project1\wordpress
  • Go to localhost in your browser in the projects area open your project it shows some thing like this.

(Index of /project1

       Parent Directory
wordpress/ )

click wordpress. Now it shows error you need to create a configuration file, before creating a cofig.php you need to know the following things.

  1. Database name
  2. Database username
  3. Database password
  4. Database host
  • The next step is creating a database. Open phpmyadmin in your aliases, enter username root leave the password field as blank and click go. Now open database at the top and create a database, i have created as sample (see above).

Installing wordpress on localhost using WAMP server

How to install wordpress on localhost that is in local PC using WAMP server

Setting up wordpress page on localhost, local wordpress website

  • After creating your database, go to click create a configuration file, at the next screen click let’s go.
  • Now enter the database name that you have created, MySQL username as root, leave the password blank, database host as localhost, table prefix as wp_ and click submit and run the install in next screen.

Now you have to fill in your information for your wordpress project. Site title, username and password for login and install wordpress. The next screen says Success.

Install wordpress on localhost, hosting website in local PC

Creating a new wordpress website in your local computer

Now login with your username and pass that will take to your wordpress back end panel. You’re done successfully installed your wordpress in local PC. Now you can start building your wordpress site.