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How to increase file import size in phpMyAdmin (WAMP Server Localhost)

Are you trying to clone your live wordpress site to localhost (local computer)? For the very first time when you clone your site manually you will face some issues. Usually you will end up in a situation where you cannot import your database (SQL file). Due to the file upload limit you cannot import large

How to recover wordpress password on localhost

Most won’t do coding; testing and designing in website that is live for that reason you will work in your local computer (localhost) and implement it online once it is clear. There might be chance of forgetting your password in localhost as you won’t use it all the time like your live site. This post

How to install wordpress on localhost using wamp

Here I am going to show you how to install wordpress on localhost using wamp, before that first you need to set up a local server. Here i have explained how to run your computer as a local server. Download wordpress from this link http://wordpress.org/download/ Set up a directory for your projects, for that you have

How to run your computer as a local server (windows)

Today I am going to teach you how to how to run your computer as a local server. Before that let’s see what are the benefits of using local server 1. No internet required for doing projects. 2. Fast and reliable than working online. 3. Developers learn easy with coding. Trail and Error with codes