How to change wordpress theme name – Rename theme folder and hide it

Do you know that people can easily find out what wordpress theme you are using in your site? Just right click your website and view page source; you will see your theme name like this ( theme name). Do you wish not to show your theme details to public? Then simply change your wordpress theme

How to clear browser cache in Firefox, Chrome, IE, safari and Opera

Is your web browser is running slow or it often crashes than ever before, then it’s time to delete your temporary internet files. Most of the problems that you face while surfing the web can be solved by clearing your browser cache. Usually clearing your browser cache will significantly enhance your browser’s speed and performance.

How to create and add Alexa ranking widget in your website or blog

The two main factors that decides your website’s popularity is Alexa rank and Google Page rank which we have discussed earlier. Alexa shows the information for every websites globally, so adding your website details in Alexa is a good idea. Just a few posts back we have discussed that too about claiming and submitting your

Force Blogger links (all external links) to open in a new window /tab

Links in your blog helps users to navigate and find more information. Whether it is internal links or external links, for your users and for the sake of SEO it is necessary that you add links accordingly. By adding internal links your visitors will hopefully have a look at related posts that you’ve written in

What are Trackbacks and Pingbacks in wordpress and their differences?

WordPress is unlimited in terms of potential and imagination and so users need huge resources. When we first started this blog, we posted all about wordpress unsystematically. Later we planned to make things organized and then we started posting from basics and finally to go on with advanced topics. We have covered most of the

How to add Google custom search engine in Blogger – Google search bar

A blog, in order to give a best user experience must possess three important things. One is commenting system that helps users to interact with each other’s. Know how to enable or disable comments in Blogger. The second one is showing dates in posts (timestamp) that helps visitors to know whether the content is evergreen

Adding YouTube subscribe button in your website (wordpress / Blogger)

YouTube is the best known way to create and promote videos online and with YouTube partner program most folks are being profitable. We have discussed both about how to monetize YouTube videos and the importance of online video marketing which you can have a glance. In order to get popularity in YouTube one must (channel)