Complete guide to wordpress basics – WordPress made easy

Are you a new blogger in the digital era? then for a complete guide to wordpress basics you should read this article. Why you have to choose wordpress? when there are lots of open source CMS(Content Management System). You know why because wordpress is free and widely used blogging platform and it  has many features.

How to install wordpress plugins for beginners (step by step)

More than 50 million sites around the web runs in wordpress platform, which is a free and widely used open source blogging tool. So developers around the world taking part in developing more plugins and themes for wordpress. Here in this post you will learn how to install plugins in your wordpress site. But before

Top free web development software’s (Windows, Mac, Linux)

FREE! then you should definitely take a look at this post. Here I am going to share some top free web development software’s that is more useful for coders & web developers. 1. HTTrack HTTrack is an offline browsing software which is easy to use. This software downloads website completely or partially and saves it

How to install wordpress on localhost using wamp

Here I am going to show you how to install wordpress on localhost using wamp, before that first you need to set up a local server. Here i have explained how to run your computer as a local server. Download wordpress from this link Set up a directory for your projects, for that you have

How to run your computer as a local server (windows)

Today I am going to teach you how to how to run your computer as a local server. Before that let’s see what are the benefits of using local server 1. No internet required for doing projects. 2. Fast and reliable than working online. 3. Developers learn easy with coding. Trail and Error with codes