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How to create sitemap for Blogger blog – Blogger sitemap XML

A Sitemap is nothing but a list of accessible pages in your website. Sitemaps helps search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to easily crawl pages in your site which helps in better index. As a blogger you must create a sitemap so whenever you make a new post search engines can crawl and index

How to remove “powered by Blogger” attribution in new HTML editor

As we all know Blogger is a free and widely used blogging platform and we are providing more tips and tricks for beginners. Here we will see about a simple trick on how to remove “powered by Blogger” attribution from your Blogger blog. People who are using Blogger platform will have this powered by Blogger

What are labels and how to use labels in Blogger to sort your content?

Are you using your Blogger labels in a right way to sort your content or you just spamming it? We see most new bloggers think labels as a Meta keywords and just spamming it. So in this post we will see what labels in blogger are and how to use labels the right way. It

How to add custom favicon in Blogger – Change default Blogger favicon

Have you ever thought of removing that big B icon and adding your logo in your Blogger blog?  This post is for those who wish or willing to have their logo to be displayed in where the big B holds its place. You might see this icon in many sites next above to your browsers

How to add related posts to Blogger – Related posts widget for Blogger

Blogging is a one nice way to help peoples. Do you agree? Yes, then why don’t you help them more by showing and linking to one of your related posts? We once mentioned in one of our posts about internal linking that helps to keep your site visitors to stay for a long time. In

Running widgets for Blogger – Facebook Twitter RSS social trucks

We are sharing more internet tips and tricks and more how to guides with Blogger. Follow Blog Time Now in Facebook, Twitter and RSS and get the latest updates from us. We recently discussed about adding popup window for Blogger and displaying social widgets in Blogger. Hope those articles helped you out. In this post

Popup window for Blogger – Popup window code

You might notice in some websites that a popup window opens suddenly without the knowledge of you which leads to other websites and they do it for some promotional purpose. It’s easy to add popup window for blogger and adding popup window helps in increasing page views of your blog and you can help visitors