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How to redirect 404 error pages to home page in Blogger – 404 error

Oops Page Not Found, 404 Error, The page you are looking for is unavailable, the requested URL was not found on this server – When browsing the web you might see such similar messages in websites. What will you do when you see an 404 error page in a website? Most likely you hit the

How to easily add / embed Google maps in Blogger blog page and sidebar

Showing your business location by adding your address details somewhere at the corner of your webpage is an old school method. When it comes to online business you have to let your customers and visitors know about your business location. So why not assist them to easily find out your location by adding interactive Google

How to rename Blogger labels – Changing existing label names in Blogger

Tagging each and every post will make your site visitors to easily navigate and moreover it helps them to discover related posts within your site. To better organize your site content we always suggest you to label your blog posts. So for beginners we once made a post on how to use Blogger labels which

How to add Google Analytics to Blogger – Google analytics for Blogger

Have you ever thought of monitoring blog stats and tracking traffic data to your Blogger blog? If so, then it’s time to analyze your Blogger blog stats and traffic sources using Google analytics. Here in this post we will see how to add Google analytics to Blogger blog. Just a day back we made a

How to add your Blogger blog to Google webmaster tools

Started a Blogger blog recently and willing to rank it better in search results? Your Blogger blog will perform well only if you analyze and properly optimize your blog posts. There are many SEO tools out there to analyze, but one that is free and come in handy is Google webmaster tools. In order to

How to recover deleted Blogger blog – Restore deleted blog in Blogger

Blogger is a free blogging tool with several limits where one can create up to 100 blogs per account. Since it is free and with a limit of 100 blogs, people create as many blogs on the go for several reasons. Such peoples later find difficulties managing their Blogger account and they finally end up

How to add / integrate Disqus on Blogger blog – Disqus comment system

Your blog must possess and hold two important elements and that is mainly to enhance the blog experience to your blog readers. One main thing is the post date on every blog posts and other is the commenting system below each blog posts. Commenting system in blog posts is a great way to communicate and