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Changing highlighted text selection color in Blogger blog – CSS Trick

Want to show something different in your Blogger blog just like the running trucks then here you go. Here we will see a simple CSS trick that changes the highlighted text selection color in Blogger blog. When you highlight several texts you can see the selected highlight color as sky blue and text color as

How to create contact page in Blogger – Add contact form for Blogger

How many times people in your blog left unrelated message in your posts comment area. Adding contact form in a blog is absolutely necessary and by doing so you are encouraging your blog visitors to be social. By adding a contact form, visitors will have the opportunity to speak up their mind. So instead of

How to add alt tags to Blogger images – Alt attributes for image SEO

Like in wordpress you do not have any SEO plugin for Blogger in order to get on-page optimization tips and suggestions. So people who use Blogger don’t maintain and follow some common SEO principles. The most common thing many fail to do before posting content is to optimize their images. To make your blog post

Guide to setup Feedburner for Blogger – Syndicate Blogger RSS feeds

For wordpress users we have posted an easy guide to setup Feedburner in wordpress. What we thought is to make a post for BlogSpot users and so here we will see how to setup Feedburner for Blogger. Before we get in to this topic here are some useful articles about Feedburner which you can go through.

How to automatically redirect Blogger blog to another blog or website

A few posts back we made an article about Blogger custom redirects in which you can redirect within your blog. That is you can redirect your specific post URL to another post or page, all 301 or 302 redirection within your blog. That will be useful for redirecting 404 error pages and broken links; however

How to backup Blogger Blog – Make complete backup of your Blogger blog

Backup, you all know the importance of Backup and there is not much to say. Blogger, since it is a product from Google you will never find any security issues like hacking. But, there are chances and all than depends on you and the way you are securing your Blogger account details. So having a

How to hide / Remove post date, time and author name in Blogger posts

We recently Googled this and we haven’t found out any acceptable answers or easy solutions on this topic. Most of the sites were mentioning about changing codes in your Blogger template file in order to remove post date, time and author name in Blogger posts. This is unnecessary and we don’t know why people are