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Create & add custom robots.txt file in Blogger – Crawl & index

Have you ever heard the name robots.txt or have you added your own custom robots.txt file in your Blogger blog. Here we will discuss about what robots.txt is and how to create and add custom robots.txt file in Blogger. All that deals with crawling and indexing of your blog which covers your blog SEO, so

Setup nRelate related posts widget in Blogger –LinkWithin alternative

As you all know internal linking is more beneficial for the purpose of SEO, for you and your users. Adding related posts below your blog posts helps your site visitors as well as it helps in increasing your sites page views. So we made an article on adding related posts widget using LinkWithin. Recently we

Changing blogger post URL – Change the permalink URL of published Post

For the purpose of SEO you have to change and alter the permalink structure of your blog posts. For best practices in SEO each of your blog post URL should contain the keywords that you are targeting.  When you create and publish a blog post, the URL (permalink) will be automatically generated by Blogger. For

Blogger custom redirects – Redirecting old URL to new URL in Blogger

Blogger is providing you with more features to deal with search preference like adding search description for your blog, adding robots.txt as well as setting custom redirects. All that deals with SEO and so you have to make proper use of that. Setting custom redirects in Blogger is one of the best way to avoid

How to enable or disable comments on Blogger pages & posts

Commenting system on blogs is a great way to share the experience, interact and engage with your site visitors. Blogs traffic can be measured using comments that a blog is receiving. A blog without comment is not a blog, but sometimes you will need to enable or disable comments on Blogger pages and posts. Blogger

How many blogs can I create in Blogger – Blogger Limitations

Blogger is a free and widely used blogging platform preferred by most of them. With just a Google account one can start a Blogger blog in minutes & all without spending a single money. Blogger is easy to use & it will be the good start when you first enter in to the field of

How to backup Blogger template and how to restore blogger template

Are you planning to make changes to your Blogger template? Good you should, because sites layout and its appearance are more important to catch your reader’s eyes. But before making changes to your Blogger template you must first backup your Blogger templates. In this post let’s see how to backup Blogger template and if anything