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How to setup, configure and use All in one SEO pack – WordPress plugin

If you are following Blog Time Now you might noticed that we have listed All in one SEO pack as highly recommended wordpress plugins. In Blog Time Now we use Yoast SEO but we consider both Yoast wordpress SEO and All in one SEO pack does the great job for optimizing your websites, but however

How to verify Technorati claim token for WordPress

Before starting this post you must know about Technorati and why to submit your blog to Technorati in a nutshell. Technorati is an internet search engine for finding blogs and there are 113 million blogs (not exactly) and 250 million tagged social media – Source Wikipedia In order to get quality genuine traffic and backlinks

How to set the maximum image upload size in wordpress

These days we own more advanced mobile devices and cameras that have more than 16 mega pixels and 32 mega pixels which get you an awesome picture quality but the size of the image drastically increases and uploading these images will slow down your wordpress site. There are still some people who don’t know how

How to embed media files in wordpress (Audio & Video)

For beginners we have been posting a lots of “how to” guides for wordpress and recently we made a post on how to embed Google maps in wordpress site hope that helped out. Today we will see how to embed media files in wordpress site (Audio & Video) This post is for beginners and so

How to recover wordpress password on localhost

Most won’t do coding; testing and designing in website that is live for that reason you will work in your local computer (localhost) and implement it online once it is clear. There might be chance of forgetting your password in localhost as you won’t use it all the time like your live site. This post

WordPress Themes, Widgets and Menus (level beginner)

This post is the continuation of WordPress basics. It covers the appearance section wordpress themes, widgets and menus where you can completely modify your website’s look and feel as you like. 1. Themes As there are so many wordpress developers you can find tons of free & premium wordpress themes available to download just Google

Don’t get confused with posts and pages in wordpress

This article is for beginners who are confused with posts and pages in wordpress. You will have a doubt that both post and pages have same field, then why should i use both. Yes they are both same when it comes to look and feel ( theme & content), but there is more difference with