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How to make floating sidebar in wordpress – Creating sticky sidebar

In most of the sites you can see something floating and sticky. It can be sharing buttons, floating footer bar, sticky header bar and floating sidebar. People use sticky and floating object for some promotional purpose. Sticky and floating objects will catch visitor’s eyes and gets more click through rates than static objects. Here let’s

WordPress ping list – huge list of ping service for quicker index

WordPress ping list is nothing but a list of URLs that notifies several blog services and major search engines. So when you publish a new post or update existing ones these ping list will ping search engines and other services which results in quicker index. By default wordpress comes with a list of ping URLs

How to import theme in wordpress – Importing XML file of a demo theme

You might have installed wordpress and installed a new premium theme. But what you are looking for is an easy way to handle that theme. Importing demo themes helps you to easily understand the theme settings. Usually themes in theme forest will have an XML file that is a demo content of the theme. By

How to change wordpress username – Change username admin for security

Do you need to change you wordpress username that is the default username admin, then take a look at this post. In wordpress user settings you can only change your passwords and not usernames. We made an article on how to recover wordpress password if it is lost, but what we missed is to make

How to prevent spam comments on wordpress site – Stop spam

Your wordpress blog is more legit and resourceful and so you should take more advantage in protecting your wordpress blog from hackers and spammers. We have discussed how to prevent wordpress site from being hacked and discussing a lot. Now it’s time to protect wordpress site from spammers. In this post you will learn how

How to set multiple languages in wordpress dashboard

You might be a web designer and your native language is English and you are just designing a wordpress site for a Brazilian guy whose native language is Portuguese and he needs to add, edit and modify the wordpress site in his native language (Portuguese) for easy understanding of wordpress, what will you do? You

Categories and Tags in WordPress – SEO best practices

The most misunderstood element by new bloggers is that the way they handle categories and tags in wordpress and mainly people who moving from blogger to WordPress have this confusion and this is because they just used Labels in blogger. The goal of this article is to elucidate the following questions for bloggers who get