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How to remove powered by wordpress from Footer – Hide wordpress credit

Whether its wordpress.com users or self-hosted wordpress.org websites, most of the newbies have this question? How to hide the wordpress credit links from footer. People (especially the new ones) think that by removing the credit links in footer, they can hide that their site is running on wordpress platform. False statement, today even a non

How to Nofollow all external links in wordpress – Add rel=nofollow tag

People usually add nofollow to external links in order to maintain their page strength (page quality). Attribute rel=nofollow is just like a guard sitting in front of the gate. The guard suggests not to pass any value to the other side, when the Google bot is about to enter the gate. Many SEO communities and

Adding .html or .php to the end of wordpress URL (posts and pages)

Have you ever wondered how some wordpress sites have .html or .Php at the end of their URL? Blogging platforms like Blogger and Weebly will have .html at the end of the post URL. There are even some Content Management Systems in which its URLs end with .php.  Wordpress has many features and its resources

How to disable comments in wordpress page and post – Turn off comments

WordPress is undoubtedly a best tool for blogging and CMS and it is completely flexible. There are lots of resources for wordpress, where beginners can learn and understand wordpress with ease from the scratch. Even at Blog Time Now we are providing useful wordpress guides for our readers. Here we will see a beginner level

How to make wordpress menu item open in new window / tab

This post is the continuation of how to make wordpress menu item not clickable. WordPress menu system is really flexible and its simple interface even makes a beginner to understand easily. Recently a visitor asked us about making menu item open in a new tab with a link to external site. If you are adding

How to make wordpress menu item not clickable – Unclickable menu item

Have you ever wondered how some sites make specific link unclickable that is the main navigational parent menu item? You can notice this in some e-commerce sites and business sites. The main navigational parent menu item will have no content and so they simply make the link unclickable. Instead the drop down submenu will be

How to create a separate page for blog posts in wordpress – Blog page

Have you ever thought of showing your blog posts in a separate page instead of showing it in your main page? You well know that wordpress is a best CMS and blogging tool where one can create a static website and a blog. If you are building a commercial website or niche website then you