How to verify Technorati claim token for WordPress

How to verify Technorati claim token for wordpressBefore starting this post you must know about Technorati and why to submit your blog to Technorati in a nutshell.

Technorati is an internet search engine for finding blogs and there are 113 million blogs (not exactly) and 250 million tagged social media – Source Wikipedia

In order to get quality genuine traffic and backlinks you must submit your blog to several directories and since Technorati is considered to be a high authorized place for blogs we must submit our blog to Technorati.

To confirm your submission Technorati needs to verify your blog. So here we will see how to verify Technorati claim token for wordpress.

First know your blog feed address. You can find your blog Feed address by typing http://yoursitename/feed. In our case it is

If you are not familiar with feeds and RSS these posts can help you importance of Feedburner for SEO and how to setup Feedburner feeds for wordpress

How to verify Technorati claim token for WordPress

  1. Login to Technorati if not Join Technorati and verify your e-mail address
  2. In your Technorati profile page enter all the details and you can see “My claimed blogs” below.
  3. Start a blog claim by entering your blog address and click claim
  4. Now you will receive an auto generated e-mail with claim token like this “AWKLPFU5E2M813”
  5. Now create a new post in wordpress as “Technorati claim token” and paste the given token in post body and publish
  6. Check your blog feeds whether the token post is updated or not. If not wait for few minutes to update
  7. Once updated go to Technorati and click “verify claim token”. It will be verified within few minutes and once done you can delete the post.

How to verify Technorati claim token for WordPress

There is final review processed by Technorati and it usually takes 2 to 5 days for approval and once approved you can see your blog like this Technorati Blog Time Now pointing a do-follow backlink to your website.