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How to embed part of a YouTube Video in website with start and end time

Don’t like to embed a long YouTube video in your website then just embed part of a YouTube video with specific start and end time.  In recent times we shared some cool and useful articles about YouTube and one that is related to this is embedding YouTube videos without YouTube logo. Hope that really helped

How to link to specific part of a page in external website and share it

Do you like specific lines in an article that has more than 2000 words and you wish to share it with your friends? Here you go. Usually you will share the main link of the article and your mates hate to read that whole article. If you like specific lines in that webpage then you

How to find out what wordpress theme & plugins is being used in a site

You might visit a wordpress site and wonder what wordpress theme is being used. Here in this post let’s see how to find out what wordpress theme & plugin a site uses. WordPress is an open source and powerful blogging tool which is free as well as easy to use. Across the World Wide Web

YouTube tips and tricks for better YouTube experience

We all know that YouTube is the largest video streaming site in the world. Whatever it may be like music videos, funny clips, tutorials, reviews and even movies the ultimate place would be YouTube. Most of us will visit YouTube at least once in a day as part of the daily routine. So here are

How to remove “powered by Blogger” attribution in new HTML editor

As we all know Blogger is a free and widely used blogging platform and we are providing more tips and tricks for beginners. Here we will see about a simple trick on how to remove “powered by Blogger” attribution from your Blogger blog. People who are using Blogger platform will have this powered by Blogger

How to create signature in Gmail with image, logos and HTML links

In this post we will see how to create signature in Gmail with image, logos and HTML links. One of the best ways to promote your business or brand is by email and we have made an article about importance of email marketing. Sending an email to your customers and loyal subscribers from your own

How to submit your URL to Google, Bing and Yahoo – Add your website

Every site needs to get ranked in search engines, but before that a website must first get indexed in search results. Search engines are smarter and they crawl your site once it is live. Still many new sites struggle to get indexed. To get faster and better index your site you must submit your URL