YouTube tips and tricks for better YouTube experience

YouTube tips and tricksWe all know that YouTube is the largest video streaming site in the world. Whatever it may be like music videos, funny clips, tutorials, reviews and even movies the ultimate place would be YouTube. Most of us will visit YouTube at least once in a day as part of the daily routine. So here are some YouTube tips and tricks for you to make better experience in YouTube.

YouTube tips and Tricks

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Share your YouTube activity

You will be active on YouTube uploading videos, commenting on videos and liking videos. Why don’t you share your YouTube activity to your friends and followers? If you add a video or comment on a video or like a video or add video to public playlist then it will be automatically shared to Your Facebook and Twitter profiles.

YouTube tips and tricks

To share your YouTube activity you must connect your accounts. To connect click on your profile pic at the top right corner and go to YouTube settings >> connected accounts and manage your connection and sharing options.

Manage your YouTube history

If you wish to find the videos that you recently watched even if you deleted your browser history then there is a way. YouTube has an easy option to manage your history. You can find your YouTube history at video manager or just drop down the profile picture and you can see history tab. Also you can select the videos from history and add it to your favorites or watch it later.

YouTube tips and tricks

Start from specific start time

Are you willing to share the part of the video with your friends? Usually we will send them the link and mention about the start time. With this simple trick you can just send them the URL and it will start automatically from part of the video. This trick can also be used to embed part of the YouTube video in your website. To start a video from specific start time just add like &t=2m50s at the end of the YouTube URL.

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Here is the sample URL: Here in this link the video will be started from 2 min and 50 sec.

YouTube Keyboard shortcuts

In YouTube you can use several keyboard shortcuts to control the video. Most of us will use space-bar and enter key to pause and play the video. Here are some other shortcut keys for you worth knowing. Use the left and right arrow keys to rewind and fast forward the video. Use up and down arrows to control the volume of the video. Use home and end keys that will take you to beginning and end of the video.

Annotations & Captions – YouTube Tips and Tricks

Some video will really annoy us and this is because of annotations. Even some video will show too many annotations around the video which will be more annoying. You will manually close all those annotations, but there is an alternative to do this. Open settings at the bottom right corner of the video and turn off annotations for entire video.

YouTube tips and tricks

You can turn on and off captions for any videos and you can customize your captions as you like. Turn on captions at the bottom right corner and select options to customize. You can change the font style, color, background and more.

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Watch videos on slow internet connection

Watching our favorite video on slow internet connection is another annoying part. We don’t like to see the videos buffering  for a long time. Here is a simple solution for watching videos on slow internet connection. To turn this feature on just go to YouTube feather beta and join the feather beta and you are ready to go.

YouTube tips and tricks

YouTube leanback – YouTube tips and tricks

Leanback is a feature introduced for watching YouTube videos in big screens and Google TV. However you can watch this on your PC too. You can browse videos using categories or you can use search option. Also you can browse featured videos, most popular videos and your playlist. This gives different YouTube experience.

YouTube tips and tricks

Auto reply – YouTube tips and tricks

When you like some music videos or funny clips you will play it again each time hitting the reply button at the end of the video. What will you do if you want to play just part of the video repeatedly?  While watching your favorite videos remove the YouTube from URL and add infinitelooper which takes you to third party site. In infinite looper you will have the option to loop videos.

YouTube tips and tricks

Hope these YouTube tips and tricks will enhance your YouTube experience. Please share it and comment below.