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Running widgets for Blogger – Facebook Twitter RSS social trucks

We are sharing more internet tips and tricks and more how to guides with Blogger. Follow Blog Time Now in Facebook, Twitter and RSS and get the latest updates from us. We recently discussed about adding popup window for Blogger and displaying social widgets in Blogger. Hope those articles helped you out. In this post

10 essential Skype tips and tricks 2013 – Skype chat tricks

Today Skype is one of the best and free communication modes. As you all know Skype has more uses and advantages in terms of communication and we are not here to see the advantages of Skype. We are here to enhance your Skype experience by revealing the 10 essential Skype tips and tricks. 10 essential

What is Gravatar? Why to use Gravatar and how to get Gravatar?

One of my close friends asked me about how to get a picture in wordpress comment section. He also said that he sees some grey human icon, funny cartoonistic icons and also real human faces in forums and discussion board. Well I clearly explained to that friend about Gravatar and now it’s time to explain

Feedburner MyBrand setup for your own domain

We have discussed a lot about how to setup Feedburner to burn your feeds and the importance of Feedburner feeds for SEO. Now we will show you Feedburner MyBrand setup for your own domain. Setting up MyBrand will get you own domain feeds like this instead of So what is the use of

How to access multiple Gmail accounts in one browser

I have 4 Gmail accounts and when I have to access all the Gmail accounts at the same time then the only option I have is by using different browser or I have to sign in and sign out which is bit time consuming. How many Gmail accounts do you have 3, 4, and 7

how to add logo to YouTube videos for branding

You might have seen many popular channels in YouTube have their brand logo sticking some corner of the video. So how do they add it? Do they add it to every video manually before they upload? This topic helps you on how to add logo to YouTube videos for branding. How to add logo to YouTube