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Importance of Feedburner for SEO – Burn your RSS feeds

Before knowing the importance of Feedburner for SEO, let’s know Feedburner and RSS feeds in a nutshell. What is Feedburner? Feedburner is a free service by Google that provides easy feed management and custom RSS feeds for your blog which gives more easy visibility than your normal RSS feeds to your visitors. What is RSS

How to analyze your SEO competitors – Analyze execute and rank

Each and every business (online & offline) has some heavy competition to achieve success. When it comes to internet marketing; SEO is one of the key factors to consider which you know, we know and your competitors know too. This post helps you on how to analyze your SEO competitors in a right way. You

How to pick the right keywords for SEO – Get specific and get found

As you all know choosing keywords is the very first step to carry out in SEO. Whether it is organic search (SEO) or paid search (PPC) keyword matters in order to drive targeted traffic to you website. Picking right keywords can even get your business to the peak. This post helps you how to pick

List of free keyword research tools for SEO and SEM

Keyword research is one of the main factors in search engine marketing and the very first step to carry out in the process of Search Engine Optimization is keyword researching. Internet marketing lies mainly with search engines, visitors search for a keyword and pick up a website that is listed in the top 10. Picking

What are HTTP status codes – SEO best practices

What are HTTP status codes? Its an three digit numbers that shows the status of the HTTP(HyperText Transfer Protocol) request when a visitor or search engines makes a request to a web host. Why you should understand the HTTP status codes? At times even your own blog or website may show these codes and you

SEO tricks to avoid being banned by Google

SEO tricks to avoid ? No these are some nasty SEO blackhat methods to avoid getting banned by Google. Optimize your site in a whitehat manner(ethical SEO) – keyword research, Meta tags, build backlinks like a human not with some one click software’s. Since Google finds easily and doesn’t likes sites that do black-hat tricks.

Types of Internet Marketing to promote your business

The process of promoting your business (Product, Brand & Services) online is known as internet marketing. Majority of people now a days promoting their business online! Why don’t you? Through internet marketing you can promote your business to millions of targeted people as it is a global media. Effort in terms of money is less