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Stop words for SEO – list of Stop Words to avoid

In order to speed up their searches and to save disk space, search engines like Google don’t record and never give much importance to stop words. In internet Stop words are commonly used words that are filtered out from natural language data. For example is, was, that, and, how and what are some common stop

Omitted results in Google – what and how to remove the Bad URL’s

In order to maximize your website exposure and to gain ranking from search engines your webpages must first recognized and indexed by search bots. All your webpages will get indexed in Google based on your robots.txt configuration, but some will be pushed to Google’s omitted results. Most of the site will have some bad URL’s

What is internal linking? 6 benefits of internal linking in SEO

Each and every blogger is thinking about getting high reputation from both search engines as well as site visitors and so focusing on providing quality content. We all know content is king when it comes to SEO. In addition to that internal linking is one of the main elements to be carried out in your

Do Follow VS No Follow links – The difference (SEO Basics)

All the sites and webpages are connected in one way or other using links. If you are a new to search engine optimization you will be hearing and hear more SEO terms and on the go you will gain more knowledge. When it comes to link building some of the common terms that reach you

What are Long tail keywords and why to use long tail keywords for SEO?

Before starting a SEO campaign for your website the first thing you must do is keyword research and you must know how to pick the right keywords for SEO.  Google with its new algorithm (Hummingbird algorithm) focuses on providing users the most useful and relevant content on the web according to their search quires. These

How to use Bing webmaster tools for SEO

Google is the worlds no 1 search engine which we all know and so don’t focus your site to rank just on Google. You must also focus on other major search engines. Bing is the second largest search engine and therefore analyze your sites performance in Bing using Bing webmaster tools. To get your sites

Best SEO extensions for Google Chrome – For bloggers & web developers

Google Chrome is a light weight browser which has more features, Apps, Themes and extensions available in web store.  As a blogger and web developer you might be more aware of search engine optimization right! You will have several plugins and SEO software’s for your website to rank and analyze your Sites performance in search