Stop words for SEO – list of Stop Words to avoid

Stop words for SEOIn order to speed up their searches and to save disk space, search engines like Google don’t record and never give much importance to stop words. In internet Stop words are commonly used words that are filtered out from natural language data. For example is, was, that, and, how and what are some common stop words.

This is a not a serious topic that deals with SEO, but you must take a note of it. Here let’s see some list of stop words for SEO to be avoided in Titles and URLs.

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An article or content without these stop words goes meaning less and reduces readability, so it’s not to avoid these words in content, but better is to avoid it in your URLs and Titles. A page title should be not more than 70 characters and when you use this stop words in titles it will fill up the character space. Your page title should be concise as well as the use of stop words will reduces the keyword density which have a tiny impact on your search rankings.

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A clear focus keyword without these stop words will reach out your audience. Also search engines will know that you have some strong relevant content and gives importance to your site.

Stop words in URLs : Take this URL as an example  The URL is mostly filled with stop words and it goes big in length. So avoid stop words in URLs and make it like this which is SEO friendly.

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List of stop words

A, is, what, who, how, was, this, that, but, at, be, for, he, she, iam, I, in, its, your, with, all, any, did, do, had, has, here, his, and, etc.