How to allow users to edit comments in wordpress - WP Ajax edit commentsAt some times I make mistakes like spelling and grammar errors when commenting on several sites which happens to most people. After posting a comment I thought of editing my comments to add some extra points and to remove unwanted lines. The bad part is those site doesn’t have the option to edit comments for users once posted. Only administrator can edit comments in wordpress by default and let’s see how to allow users to edit comments in wordpress site.

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If you allow users to register in your blog they will have the option to edit their names, web address and comments. Sites like us where users can add their comments without the need of registration can allow users to edit their own comments. So your user can make changes to their comments for a short time period once posted. The short time period is the time allocated for the users to edit their comments which is configured in the plugin. The plugin we are going to discuss about is WP Ajax Edit comments.

To allow users to edit comments in wordpress first install and activate WP Ajax edit comments plugin. Once activated it adds a new option AEC (Ajax edit comments) next to the settings tab in your wordpress dashboard. Now the plugin automatically adds the option to your site where users can edit their comments. It not only allows users to edit their comments, but it adds some additional feature to your wordpress comments section.

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Allow users to edit comments in wordpress

WP Ajax edit comments plugin

Open AEC behavior settings and set comment time in minutes. 5 minutes is the default, change it to 10 which would be descent time period for users to edit their comments. Next is the advertising option, you can display affiliate links and banners when users editing their comments. Other than comments users can also edit their name, email and URL field which you can enable in the plugin. Also they can spam, trash and move their own comments. You can also set spam protection and disable no-follow for comments, but to avoid spam it’s recommended you to have no-follow for comments.

How to allow users to edit comments in wordpress site

This is one advantage for your site visitors. Hope now you allow users to edit comments in wordpress site. Share this article and leave your comment below.

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