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How to identify and prevent spam comments on Blogger blog – Stop spam

Comments in your blog post should be more meaningful, each and every commenter should stay engaged with the topic. They can share their own views, respond to other views or make a suggestion regarding to that post; whatever it may be the comment should make sense for your readers. Are you a blogger using the

Enable CAPTCHA in Blogger blog to minimize spam – Add word verification

Have you ever noticed people making irrelevant comments in your blog posts? Irrelevant comments in your posts give a bad experience both for you and your users. This happens and can be seen mostly in Blogger blogs and that is since you don’t have any plugins or tools to combat spam comments. But there are

How to retrieve deleted comments in Blogger – Recovering blog comments

Deleting blog comments mistakenly will happen for most peoples and this issue mainly occurs to folks who have their blog on Blogger. Just a few days back one of visitor asked us how to retrieve deleted comments in Blogger. Just like wordpress, Blogger don’t have any spam protection tool. When trying to delete spam comments,

How to mass delete comments in wordpress – spam, pending & approved

Just create a new wordpress site and fill up with few posts and see how the comment numbers are building up day by day. The number of comments can indicate the traffic flow to your site, but don’t even get elevated by seeing those comments. Here we will discuss on how to mass delete comments

How to allow users to edit comments in wordpress –WP Ajax Edit comments

At some times I make mistakes like spelling and grammar errors when commenting on several sites which happens to most people. After posting a comment I thought of editing my comments to add some extra points and to remove unwanted lines. The bad part is those site doesn’t have the option to edit comments for

How to prevent spam comments on wordpress site – Stop spam

Your wordpress blog is more legit and resourceful and so you should take more advantage in protecting your wordpress blog from hackers and spammers. We have discussed how to prevent wordpress site from being hacked and discussing a lot. Now it’s time to protect wordpress site from spammers. In this post you will learn how