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How to add / integrate Disqus on Blogger blog – Disqus comment system

Your blog must possess and hold two important elements and that is mainly to enhance the blog experience to your blog readers. One main thing is the post date on every blog posts and other is the commenting system below each blog posts. Commenting system in blog posts is a great way to communicate and

How to enable or disable comments on Blogger pages & posts

Commenting system on blogs is a great way to share the experience, interact and engage with your site visitors. Blogs traffic can be measured using comments that a blog is receiving. A blog without comment is not a blog, but sometimes you will need to enable or disable comments on Blogger pages and posts. Blogger

How to allow users to edit comments in wordpress –WP Ajax Edit comments

At some times I make mistakes like spelling and grammar errors when commenting on several sites which happens to most people. After posting a comment I thought of editing my comments to add some extra points and to remove unwanted lines. The bad part is those site doesn’t have the option to edit comments for