Changing blogger post URL – Change the permalink URL of published Post

Changing Blogger post URL publishedFor the purpose of SEO you have to change and alter the permalink structure of your blog posts. For best practices in SEO each of your blog post URL should contain the keywords that you are targeting.  When you create and publish a blog post, the URL (permalink) will be automatically generated by Blogger. For example you are creating a post “changing the post URL in Blogger” and Blogger generates the URL like this “”.

Anyhow the title is the keyword you are targeting and that’s what Blogger generates as a URL for your post. For lengthy titles Blogger will generates a lengthy URL which Google hates as well as Google doesn’t gives much importance for stop words. So better make your blog post URL short and sweet. Here let’s see how to change the blog post URL in Blogger as well as changing the permalink URL for a published blog post.

Changing Blogger post URL

 How to change the blog post URL in Blogger

If you are about to publish a new post then you can change the blog post URL easily without any additional steps.

Note before changing the post URL in Blogger

Changing Blogger post URL - change permalink URL of published post in BloggerBe sure to avoid stop words and use your main keywords in your blog URL and make it short not more than 5 words. Also use hyphens (-) for separating words and not underscores (_), because Google considers it as a single word.

To change the blog post URL in Blogger just drop down the post settings next below to publish button. Now you will see permalink where you have to select custom permalink and change the URL and click publish

How to change the date of the post URL

The above URL just change the post name URL and if you wish to change the year and month in the URL, change it in schedule next above to permalinks.

How to change the permalink URL of published post

Let us say you have created a blog post and edited the post URL several months before. Later on you have noted something wrong with that URL and wish to change the permalink URL of that published blog post. When you are ready to publish a new post you can change the permalink URL and that’s what we discussed above.  Blogger doesn’t allow you to change permalink of the published post and so there are few who copy the content from that post and create a new one with custom URL. That is a wrong way and here is how to change the permalink of published post.

Note: before changing the permalink of your published blog post have a copy of your old URL which we use it later in this post.

To change the URL of published post just click on Revert to draft, select permalink, set custom permalink and publish.

Changing Blogger post URL - change permalink of published post in Blogger

Your old URL will have some ranking in search engines as well as it will have some backlinks. To maintain ranking and backlinks you must redirect old URL to new one. Here is how to redirect your old URL to new URL using Blogger custom redirects.

Hope this helped you to understand in changing Blogger post URL as well as you got the info on how to change the permalink of published post. If you found this useful then share and comment below.

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