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How to add Facebook like box in wordpress – FB fan box for wordpress

We came across many websites, blogs, and forums of various kinds and what we noticed utmost is the Facebook like box.  Most of the sites were displaying their Facebook fan page in sidebar and even some as a popup window. It is the social proof and by displaying the like box in your website you

How to embed Facebook videos in your website – WordPress and Blogger

We have shared the importance of both article marketing as well as video marketing. When compared to texts and images, videos are really great in conveying a message. It transmits message quicker than words and smarter than images. Today there is not even a single online business without a Facebook fan page where then can

How to download all Facebook data – Backup your entire FB data / info

There are billions of people having their account active on Facebook and the number increases day by day. Do you know how Facebook attained such fame? Only Mark and his team know the secret. The entire concept behind Facebook is simple, just interaction; it made people to communicate better. The growing population on Facebook has

How to clear Facebook search history – Delete awful search bar history

Just like news feed and timeline, Facebook introduced another new technology just in March 2013 and they named it as Facebook Graph search. It is a semantic search engine that provides well defined search results for users. Yes! Facebook graph search makes us easier to find out nearby places, restaurants and lot more. Not just

Export Facebook friends birthdays to Google calendar, iCal and Excel

Facebook is a widest network in the world connecting each other. Making a birthday wishes has become more popular in Facebook. If any of your Friends has a birthday you will be notified in Facebook, but what if you were not on Facebook during that day. You will probably missing your friends birthday or someone

Importance of Facebook likes for brands and other business

Facebook is the world’s number 1 social networking site which gets more than 600,000,000 unique monthly visitors and mobile users spend more than 70 % of their browsing time on Facebook and it’s the best place to promote your brand and business. Technology has changed in the field of marketing and we are all well-known

Top 10 most popular social networking sites – 2013

As you all know Social networking website is an online community a place or service that helps to build social relation and social networks among people. You can share your activities, backgrounds, interests, and real life connections with people. Since a few years back these social networking websites are going viral where you have the