Facebook Privacy settings – Must know privacy settings in Facebook

Facebook privacy settings - Guide tips and how to enable privacy settingsWhen it comes to security you can trust all your data that you hold in both Google and Facebook. If you are quite anxious about your particulars then you can download all your data from Google and backup your entire Facebook data as well. All your particulars in Google and Facebook are highly secured and so you don’t need to be concerned about any security issues. So how about privacy? Both offers various settings where you can fine tune and maintain your privacy level. OK disregard Google, here we will discuss on Facebook privacy settings and maintaining a privacy level in Facebook.

Facebook is a fun medium connecting people, friends and family in one way or other by photos, places, apps, search engines etc. People all over the world in Facebook will share photos, update status and check in locations with their family, friends and beloved ones. This interlinking connection will finally lead people to connect with strangers. Later on they will realize that all the content that they share can be viewed by strangers. By enabling proper privacy settings in Facebook you can connect with right people that matters you the most. Here let’s see how to setup Facebook privacy settings in a proper way.

Facebook privacy settings – Must know privacy settings in Facebook

As a social network you must keep up your online presence healthy and that can be maintained only by tuning your privacy settings. It is much important to keep up your privacy level because Facebook is a place where people can judge your mentality by looking at your profile and timeline. Other than friends, think about your co-workers, boss, recruiters and people who engaged with professional activities. Ok, here are the tips to increase your Facebook privacy.

View your profile timeline

So you don’t have to logout and view your profile timeline. Facebook has a tool where you can view your own profile timeline as a public or as a specific friend. By viewing it you will come to know how actually your profile looks for strangers. By knowing it you can properly tune up your privacy settings. Here is how you access this feature.

How to properly setup privacy settings in Facebook - Privacy settings guideGo to your profile timeline. Now in right hand side that is next to activity log you will see a geared icon. Just drop down and click on “view as” and you will see your profile timeline as a public. Click on “view as specific person and type your friend name and that is how your profile looks for him or her.

Facebook privacy tips and settings - Facebook privacy guide

Managing and hiding about me info

How to enable privacy settings in Facebook - Facebook privacy tipsYour about section contains all the information about you that you entered previously. It includes your basic information, contact information, places lived, work & education, Family and relationship. View your profile timeline and in about section you will see a small pen icon, just drop down and select update info. You can hide all the possible Information that makes easy to contact you such as email address, mobile number etc. Click on edit and in each field you will see a small globe or lock icon. Drop down and choose who can view your information that is public or friends or else go with customized list.

Facebook privacy and security settings - Guide to Facebook privacy

Hiding friends, followers and likes

Your friends will have their own privacy settings. Anyways if you wish not to show your friends list or pages that you liked, then there is an option. Just like about section, you will have that pen icon under each element. Drop down and manage your privacy settings for friends, followers and likes.

Facebook privacy settings friends list - Friends list hiding Facebook privacy

Privacy settings

In privacy settings and tools page you will have global settings where you can strictly restrict peoples that you don’t care. Go to privacy settings page or at the top right corner click on geared icon and choose settings >> privacy. You will now see three attribute “who can see my stuff”, “who can contact me” and “who can look me up”.

Facebook privacy settings latest- security and privacy settings on Facebook

Who can see my stuff – Yes, who can see your posts (public, friends, only me, custom). Here you can manage who can view your feature posts. So how about the old posts? You can hide the past posts to public by limiting it, but your friends can still see it. In “who can contact me” you can manage settings for friend request and message filtering.

How to set it properly Facebook privacy settings, Guide and tips on Facebook privacy settings

New change Facebook privacy settings, Facebook photo privacy settings

Who can look me up? – Facebook finds people when someone searches for your name using its advanced search technology. In “who can look me up” settings you can limit this. Other than Facebook search you can also block other search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) that link to your profile timeline.

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Timeline and Tagging

This is the most wanted privacy settings in Facebook. It really annoys when someone tags us in an unnecessary posts. Your timeline is like your diary and so allowing strangers to post in your timeline is not that good. Also there are people who deactivate their account because of unnecessary tagging. You can manage all those settings here at timeline and tagging.

How to change Facebook privacy settings for photos, images, friends

Here you will have four settings everyone (that is public), friends of friends, friends and only me. You can also add your own customized list and according to your settings people can tag you and post in your timeline. Other than disabling the tagging feature you can review all posts that you are tagged in. You can review it and add it to your timeline manually. You can access timeline and tagging settings under privacy settings. Here you will additionally have a privacy setting for photo tag suggestion.

Facebook photo tagging privacy settings, how to disable photo tagging in Facebook

Opt out for Facebook ads

We once posted importance of Facebook likes and you know what, Facebook uses your likes to promote products and brands. A brand page shows your friends name and profile picture who liked it. You might have seen it in your news feed. Let’s say you liked a page and the page is using Facebook ads to promote its brand. Your name with your profile picture will show up in your friend’s timeline who haven’t liked that page. This is one way used to popularize a brand in Facebook.

Disabling Facebook ads in privacy settings - opt out Facebook ads, Facebook privacy settings

Anyhow if you wish to disable this feature then go to Facebook ads and pair your social actions with ads for no one. That’s it and also note that Facebook do not sell your information to advertisers.

Facebook privacy settings, How to enable privacy settings in Facebook, tips and guide

Instant personalization

Facebook has partnered with few websites. Just like news feed, instant personalization lets you find friends and interesting content on other websites. When you arrive on those partnered website, it access your public information and suggests suitable content for you which offers a great experience.

You can disable instant personalization individually when you visit each site by click no thanks option. Other than that if you wish to disable it completely then go to Facebook instant personalization and uncheck the feature.


You can lock down all your information to public and friends except few things your profile picture and cover photo, gender, username etc. Make sure that you do not show faces, locations and incidents that involve your personal circle. With Facebook privacy settings you can almost control the information that you share within Facebook.

Hope this post guided you with Facebook privacy settings. For more details and updates about Facebook privacy settings you can have a look at this link https://www.facebook.com/help/privacy.