Free tools and extensions to download Facebook photo albums

How to download Facebook photo albums - easy method to download FB photosMajority of people on internet visit Facebook at least once in a week just to check their timeline and to stay in touch with their friends, family etc. Some update their stats, some share photos and some add a life event. All that personal information and data’s are stored in Facebook servers. There are numerous websites to share photos and images, but Facebook has become the most popular one. You know what, many have started using it as a storage device, uploading and storing all their digital photographs without knowing the fact that Facebook compresses and reduces image resolution.

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Alright! After using Facebook for years you might have uploaded huge bunch of images and photo albums. At any time if you plan to download your entire Facebook photo album then this post is for you. Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t offer any features to download your photo albums, all you can do is download every picture one by one which is really annoying. But by using several online tools and browser extensions you can download that. Here we will see some free tools and extensions to download Facebook photo albums.

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How to download Facebook photo albums

Here we will share Chrome extension, Firefox plugin as well as desktop application to download your Facebook albums.

Pick n Zip – Download tagged photos and friend’s albums

Pick n Zip is a free online tool that allows you to download Facebook pictures and videos in a Zip and PDF format. Just go to Pic n Zip and start downloading the photos that you are tagged in and your friend’s photo albums.

Easy way to download entire photo albums from Facebook

When you visit Pick n Zip you will see login option at the top, just click on that and login using your Facebook ID. Next allow permission and you will see the list of all your friends, groups and pages. Choose any and depending on the number of photos it may take some time, next select all and then click on download.

Google Chrome extension to download Facebook photo albums

Now at the next page choose download all photos, select file format and then download. That’s it!

Download Facebook albums – Chrome extension

Download FB album is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to download Facebook and Instagram photos.  Just install this extension and you will see a toolbar icon added to your browser search bar.

Download Facebook images and photo albums of friends and tagged photos

When viewing your own photos or your friend’s photo albums click on that extension and it will open a new page where you will see the list of photos. Now to download the images press CTRL + S which will then save as an HTML file. Open the downloaded file and you will see all your pictures.

How to download Facebook photo albums easily in Google Chrome

Fluschipranie  – Firefox plugin

Fluschipranie is a Firefox add-on for downloading Facebook albums. Go to this page and then add the plugin to Firefox. After adding that in your browser go to your Facebook albums, right click it and at the bottom you will see Fluschipranie’s download, click on that and follow the onscreen instructions to download your albums. This add-on is also available for Opera web browser.

How to download your photo albums and your friends photo albums from Facebook

Same like Fluschipranie there is another plugin for Firefox called Facepaste; you can try that one too.

Photo Grabber

Photo Grabber is a free application for windows and Mac that lets you to download photo albums from Facebook to your PC. Go to photo grabber website, choose the download, install the application, allow access to Facebook and then start using its features. When you click on login in photo grabber you will be provided with a code, just copy that and paste it in photo grabber.

How to download Facebook photo albums - Plugins, extensions and applications

Next choose a target that is your name, your friends name or your likes, choose other options, enter your download location and then start downloading. With Photo Grabber you can download all your photo albums, your friend’s photo albums and the photos that your friends are tagged in.

Simple applications to easily download Facebook photo albums

Note: Sometimes the above applications and extensions may fail to download your photos and that’s because of the privacy settings which might block from accessing your files.

Hope those extensions and applications will help you to download Facebook photo albums. Share it with your friends. Do you use some other method to download Photos and albums from Facebook please leave your method in comments below.