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How to create Google plus page for your blog – Google + for Business

Are you running a blog or online business? then creating pages in social networks is a must in order to promote and go further. Google plus has grown and growing very fast in recent years and yes, the number of peoples using Google plus has increased rapidly. It’s beneficial and more important to create a

How to set custom URL for Google plus profile – Google plus vanity URL

I was curious in getting custom URL for my Google plus profile and just a few days back Google notified me to set a custom URL. Finally me ended up with own custom URL for my Google plus profile. I thought of making this as a post and so here we will discuss on how

How to create circles in Google plus – Understanding Google + circles

Google plus is the most popular social networking site next to Facebook and it has surpassed Twitter. In Google plus you can connect with family, friends, business peoples, and your favorite peoples. In this post let’s see how to create circles in Google plus, but before that let’s see what is a circle in Google

Export Facebook friends birthdays to Google calendar, iCal and Excel

Facebook is a widest network in the world connecting each other. Making a birthday wishes has become more popular in Facebook. If any of your Friends has a birthday you will be notified in Facebook, but what if you were not on Facebook during that day. You will probably missing your friends birthday or someone

How to create a LinkedIn company page – Spread your company name

We are not talking about Facebook or Twitter; it’s about LinkedIn a professional social networking site with more that 225 million active users in professional occupation it is one best place to promote any business and a best tool for b2b marketers. Every business should create a LinkedIn company page in order to promote your

How to effectively use LinkedIn for business

Its 2013, and social networking sites are getting more viral these days and most just help you on improving communication and focusing on creating a positive consumer experience. With more than 200 countries and 225 million users LinkedIn is a largest professional social networking site for people who are in professional occupations. You must know

Importance of Facebook likes for brands and other business

Facebook is the world’s number 1 social networking site which gets more than 600,000,000 unique monthly visitors and mobile users spend more than 70 % of their browsing time on Facebook and it’s the best place to promote your brand and business. Technology has changed in the field of marketing and we are all well-known