Adding age verification in wordpress and Blogger – Content warning

How to add age verification in wordpress - content warning in bloggerAre you publishing offensive adult related content in your site or if you’re selling or promoting age restricted products? Then it’s your responsibility to add age verification or at least you should show some content warning message. By asking to verify their age or by showing some content warning you can prevent minors from viewing rude material. Here in this topic we will see how to add age verification in wordpress and Blogger.

How to add age verification in wordpress sites

Age Verify

You can easily add age verification to your wordpress site by using age verify plugin. Some of the features of age verify plugin are as follows.

  • You can set age verification for entire site or for particular content.
  • You can specify the minimum required age to view your site.
  • You can remember this option to visitors for specific set time.
  • Option to exclude this plugin for logged in users.
  • You can add age verification heading and description. Also you can change the style for age verification and there are three types of verification.

How to add age verification in wordpress - content warning in Blogger

First install and activate age verify plugin. After activation you will have an option (Age Verify) under settings. There you can totally customize the plugin, save changes after modifying the settings. From now on each visitor will be asked to confirm their age before viewing your content.

Content Warning

Here comes another simple plugin that simply warns your site visitors about explicit content. Just install and activate content warning plugin and you will have features similar to age verify. Whenever a visitor lands on your site this plugin adds a popup window dialog box with your content warning message.  You can style the dialog box by adding background color and image. Additionally you can set cookie life, dialog heading, dialog message, enter link as well as exit link.

Adding age verification in wordpress and Blogger blog - Age verify

Adults Only

If you are looking for age verification system with more functions and features then you should try Adults only plugin. Adults Only age verification for wordpress is a premium plugin and best choice for sites that has highly matured content. This plugin ask your visitors to verify their age and agree to your sites terms and conditions. This plugin is easy to install, highly customizable, has short code support and you will get full support.

How to add age verification and content warning in wordpress

Adding content warning for Blogger blogs

In Blogger there is a default setting which shows of content warning dialog box. To activate it just head to settings >> other in your dashboard and you will see an option called Adult Content. Select yes and save changes. This option simply adds a content warning message to your blog visitors.

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