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Importance of online video marketing to raise your business audience

We have featured an article about article marketing and its importance in SEO for your business campaign. Now this article reveals some importance of online video marketing for a successful business that improves your business audience and sales rate. What is online video marketing? Online video marketing is the process of promoting business digitally and

How to embed media files in wordpress (Audio & Video)

For beginners we have been posting a lots of “how to” guides for wordpress and recently we made a post on how to embed Google maps in wordpress site hope that helped out. Today we will see how to embed media files in wordpress site (Audio & Video) This post is for beginners and so

How to Monetize your YouTube videos – Make Money

To be frank this post has two topics “how to monetize your YouTube videos” and “How to get instant adsense approval using YouTube”. Got camera? Why don’t you make money with YouTube videos? Have some 100s of videos which has millions of views then you can make real money on YouTube. There are many people

how to add clickable link to YouTube videos that links to your website

YouTube has a feature called annotations that allows you to add text info, link to related video and even clickable link to your website that is associated with YouTube account. This post has a detailed explanation on how to add clickable link to YouTube videos that points to your website. In order to have external

how to add logo to YouTube videos for branding

You might have seen many popular channels in YouTube have their brand logo sticking some corner of the video. So how do they add it? Do they add it to every video manually before they upload? This topic helps you on how to add logo to YouTube videos for branding. How to add logo to YouTube