Blogger server not found – Is anyone facing this issue

blogger server not foundServer issues are very common, at times even when you visit one of your favorite sites you will encounter a blank page in which the browser says “server not found”. The reason for this issue differs for different viewers. The visitor might have some problem with his/her broadband connection or something is blocking the browser from accessing the site (firewall). Anyhow most of the time it is a server side issue (client server) and not yours. The server will be in under maintenance mode or the server might have been crashed due to heavy loads of traffic, but this looks very strange when it occurs on massive sites that receives millions of hits a day.

On June 19 2014 Facebook suffered an outage which got collapsed and the whole world can’t access the social networking site for more than 30 minutes. Here is a part from the movie “The social Network” in which Mark says “we don’t crash ever”. This quote became very famous on Twitter and Google Plus when Facebook was actually crashed.

Alright today on July 14 2014 I myself faced issues with I cannot access any of the blogs that are using as a sub-domain (for example:, it simply says “server not found”. Anyhow sites which have their own custom domain that is still hosted on can be accessible from my side. One more thing is that I can actually log in to my blogger dashboard and then create posts, edit pages and tweak settings but one thing is that I cannot view the blog. It seems to be very weird and I suspected that the problem was from Google server but not, it was actually from my side. The fact is Google blocked my IP address and so I cannot view any of the blogs, but later with the help of hidemyass I have unlocked the block.

Blogger server not found

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