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How to embed Twitter tweets in your website or blog posts

Do you wish to show your tweets into your blog post or may be somewhere in your website like in pages, footer or in sidebar widgets? The actual way to show off your tweet in your website is simply by embedding them and not by taking a screenshot of the tweet and placing it. As

Easily put / embed Amazon affiliate links in Facebook and Twitter

Making your very first penny just after creating an affiliate account in Amazon is some kind of real excitement.  You can achieve this easily if you are well focused and dedicated in affiliate marketing. Only thing is that you have to experiment various types of marketing strategy that works for you. Some people get success

Display social widgets for Blogger (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter)

Displaying social widgets in a blog helps visitors to know that your blog has a profile on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and so they get the latest updates straight from these social networks. This helps to build traffic to your blog. In this post we will see how to get and display social widgets for

How to automatically tweet wordpress posts – Tweet latest posts

As you all know twitter is one of the largest social networking sites and a micro blogging service where you can update and tweet your latest news and posts so that your followers can see what you are really up to. If you are busy in blogging and forget to tweet your updates at times

Top 10 most popular social networking sites – 2013

As you all know Social networking website is an online community a place or service that helps to build social relation and social networks among people. You can share your activities, backgrounds, interests, and real life connections with people. Since a few years back these social networking websites are going viral where you have the