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How to add or integrate Google plus comments in wordpress

By default wordpress has a flexible commenting system, it has powerful settings and it will give you full control over the comments, but one thing that frustrates most wordpress users is that they cannot tolerate SPAM. We have previously posted about preventing SPAM comments in wordpress which helps you to stop SPAM, but that only

How to hide circles in Google plus – Hiding friends/ groups/ followers

Just like hiding your friend list in Facebook, you can hide circles in Google plus. You know that Google plus circles are used to organize your followers, friends, family, business, groups etc. For those who are new and those who do not know what are circles in Google plus, here is the complete guide to

How to add Google plus +1 and “add to circles” badge in wordpress site

After reading our article on Facebook like box, hope you have added Facebook like box in your wordpress website. Have you got a page in Google plus, then why not add your Google plus page badge in your wordpress website. Just like Facebook, Google plus provides various badges and +1 buttons for bloggers and webmasters.

Tips to format text on Google plus posts and comments – G+ post editor

Do you use Google plus more regularly, then most likely you will know about some short codes and shortcuts. In order to make a message or a post outstanding and to grab your followers attention it is necessary that your format your Google plus posts. If your posts get more attention, then more the people

How to transfer / merge Google plus account to another account

Got two Google accounts and want to merge or transfer your Google plus circles from one account to another account. We recently discussed about downloading your data from Google using Google Takeout. Here in this article we will see how to transfer or merge Google plus account to another account. In Google takeout there is

How to create Google plus page for your blog – Google + for Business

Are you running a blog or online business? then creating pages in social networks is a must in order to promote and go further. Google plus has grown and growing very fast in recent years and yes, the number of peoples using Google plus has increased rapidly. It’s beneficial and more important to create a

How to download all data from Google using Google Takeout

We all know that other than search engine; Google has wide range of products such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Plus, Google Drive, Blogger, Picasa, Orkut and more. We all might be using all these services for more than Years and you might be storing all the important information like photos, contacts, documents etc. Having a