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How to add subscription link to YouTube videos – Add subscribe button

YouTube is not just a place for hosting videos; it is a community where you can meet and engage with people, business of same niche. With YouTube you can effectively build both your online and offline business. Stay long, gain more exposure and build a massive audience. Additional to your promotional efforts YouTube offers various

How to embed part of a YouTube Video in website with start and end time

Don’t like to embed a long YouTube video in your website then just embed part of a YouTube video with specific start and end time.  In recent times we shared some cool and useful articles about YouTube and one that is related to this is embedding YouTube videos without YouTube logo. Hope that really helped

How to remove YouTube logo and title links from embedded video player

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing site and with every second one hour of video is uploaded. As a blogger you will be sharing and posting more articles. Other than text, embedding a YouTube video tutorial will be greatly useful for your site visitors. With simple embed code YouTube makes us easy to embed