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What is PHPinfo? How to create PHPinfo.php file – PHP information page

At times in order to run specific script or to analyze and solve a problem in your server you will first need to find certain configuration information of your server. For instance several scripts may run out of memory and during such occasion you will need to find out your php memory limit and increase

What is WHM (Web Host Manager)? How WHM is different than cPanel?

Many think that both WHM and Cpanel are same, in fact it is yes but it is not. There are some common differences which you have to take note. Both WHM and cPanel are same softwares having different interface. Lately after making a post about cPanel control panel, some folks asked us what WHM is.

cPanel control panel overview – What is cPanel and how does it works

In few articles, mainly in technical oriented topics we mentioned lines like “login to your cPanel” access “these files from your cPanel” “open MySQL database in cPanel” etc. Visitors who land in particular subjects will easily grasp the whole point because we never make an area complicated. Yet, there are people who are new to

Advantages and disadvantages of VPS hosting – Virtual Private Server

We recently made a detailed article on pros and cons of shared hosting as well as pros and cons of dedicated hosting. Here we will see what is a VPS hosing (Virtual Private Server) and the advantages and disadvantages of VPS hosting.  Also lets some best VPS hosting plans offered by trustworthy hosting companies. Choosing

Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting & Dedicated Hosting

To make a website live and accessible around the World Wide Web a person or organization needs to find a web hosting service. Based on your budget and requirements you can opt for the right plan from the hosting service. There are several hosting companies and we have listed out some best reliable hosting company

Self hosted blog VS Third party blog hosting – Ultimate comparison

You have gone through many blogs like ( and (, Yes, you got that! Today we are going to compare all the pros and cons of self hosted blog VS third party blog hosting. Before we compare let’s see what is self-hosted blog and third party blog hosting in a nutshell Blogs that have