cPanel control panel overview – What is cPanel and how does it works

cPanel control panel overview - What is cPanel and how cPanel worksIn few articles, mainly in technical oriented topics we mentioned lines like “login to your cPanel” access “these files from your cPanel” “open MySQL database in cPanel” etc. Visitors who land in particular subjects will easily grasp the whole point because we never make an area complicated. Yet, there are people who are new to the side of hosting and managing websites do not know what is cPanel. Here we will see a short overview of cPanel, what cPanel is and how it works.

Every hosting company provide their clients with a control panel in order to simplify the tasks like hosting websites, managing mail servers etc. It is a web software with simple interface installed on your server. In control panel you can make changes to your hosting account and you can manage, maintain and monitor your hosted website.

Most control panel lets you to do the following things

  • Setting up and managing databases
  • Email account configuration
  • Adding domain names
  • Adding and maintaining FTP user accounts
  • A file manager used to upload and edit files
  • View details of available web space and used bandwidth

Some of the most commonly used control panel softwares are

  1. cPanel
  2. Plesk
  3. Direct Admin
  4. OpenPanel
  5. Zpanel
  6. Kloxo

What is cPanel?

What is cPanel - cPanel control panel at a glance - cPanel overviewcPanel is a most powerful web hosting control panel used to manage sites hosted in Linux servers. Currently in hosting market cPanel is considered as the leading website management tool. Its simple graphical web based interface empowers web developers, administrators and resellers to effectively develop and manage their websites. Not just a developer, even a non-professional and less technical people can easily create and manage websites and their hosting account.

cPanel software makes every aspects simple like running applications, managing email accounts,  creating FTP, maintaining databases etc. cPanel uses 3 tier structure that offers different capabilities and levels of entries.

cPanel control panel software is owned and disturbed to hosting companies by cPanel Inc. HostGator and Bluehost are two most popular hosting companies that uses cPanel control panel. cPanel runs only on Linux servers and generally it is accessed using secure login (HTTPs) on the port of 2083. Also it can be accessed by adding “/cpanel” at the end of host IP or host name.

cPanel control panel overview and looks - What is cPanel and how it works

cPanel lets you to control over the following functions:


  • Creating email accounts
  • Setting up auto responders
  • Accessing webmail
  • Managing spam filters
  • Forwarders or aliases setup

Site Tools (Files – Domains – Database)

  • File manager lets you to easily manage your website files
  • Creating and managing FTP accounts
  • Creating and controlling new and sub domains
  • Website file backups
  • Creating and maintaining MySQL databases.

The above list is too small and there are lot more features to go. You can explore more information about cPanel here in cPanel website. To know how cPanel works and how cPanel looks you can try the live demo here.

Hope you got a clear idea on what is cPanel.