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How to rename Blogger labels – Changing existing label names in Blogger

Tagging each and every post will make your site visitors to easily navigate and moreover it helps them to discover related posts within your site. To better organize your site content we always suggest you to label your blog posts. So for beginners we once made a post on how to use Blogger labels which

Finding category ID, tag ID, post ID, comment & user ID in wordpress

Are you in need of finding your wordpress category ID, tag ID, post ID, page ID, comments ID or user ID. At some cases you will need these IDs especially when working on your wordpress menus and widgets in order to add or omit several categories, pages etc. Here in this post we will see

Categories and Tags in WordPress – SEO best practices

The most misunderstood element by new bloggers is that the way they handle categories and tags in wordpress and mainly people who moving from blogger to WordPress have this confusion and this is because they just used Labels in blogger. The goal of this article is to elucidate the following questions for bloggers who get