List of free screen recording software and screen capturing tools

List of free screen recording softwareHelp other peoples by creating a how to guides and software tutorials for your blog. To create a how to guides and software tutorials you need screen recording software. Other than that you can create a presentation and game walk through video, but to create all you need is screen recording software. In this post we will see some list of free screen recording software and screen capturing tools. With these screen recording software’s you can record the activities going on your screen. Save your recordings as video file, upload in to YouTube and make money.

List of Free screen recording software


CamStudio is free screen recording software. It captures video as well as audio from your computer. It has many options like recording a particular area, enabling and disabling mouse cursors, recording at different frame rates and more. Recorded file can be saved as AVI file format and it also converts AVI into flash. You can record audio from microphone, from speakers and from programs.

Download CamStudio

List of free screen recording software

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Ezvid is downloadable free screen recording software. More than screen recording it can help you with editing your videos. If you are a gamer then you will find this software to be useful. It has the feature called gaming mode that records you game in a windowed screen. You can also add sounds, images and video clips to your video. Some of the other features include face cam, screen drawing, voice synthesis and speed control. You miss one feature that is you cannot export your video, but you can upload it to YouTube.

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List of free screen recording software


Create a screen-cast and share it on web. Screenr is a free to use online tool and it is not a downloadable software. To run this online tool first you must have Java installed in your PC. Click record button from your Mac or windows PC and start capturing your screen, voice and upload it to YouTube or save the clip as Mp4.

Try Screenr

List of free screen recording software

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Jing is another great product from Tech Smith. You can capture video, animation and images using Jing. Just select the region to capture and screen-cast with highlights, arrow, text box and add picture caption. You can record your screen for 5 minutes that is it will be useful for you to create short tutorials

Download Jing

List of free screen recording software


Webinaria is free downloadable and easy to use screen capturing tool. Webinaria records full screen, part of the screen and the program. You can also choose frame rate option (FPS) for recording. You can export the video as AVI file format. Also you can edit you video clips to add voice or text.

Download Webinaria

List of free screen recording software

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BB flashback express

BB flashback express is free screen recording software that records full screen, window or a part of the screen. It has easier interface that make more user friendly. You can view the recording from movie player and record audio files from microphone or you can use PC sounds. You can export your recording as flash file and AVI file and share it to YouTube,, Revver and Viddler.

Download BB flashback express

List of free screen recording software

Rylstim Screen Recorder

You can use Rylstim screen recorder as a basic screen recording tool. It is easy to use downloadable software. This doesn’t have the feature to record audio from your microphone. It has mouse options where you can show left mouse click as red and right click as green and it can be viewed when you finish your recording.

Download Rylstim Screen Recorder

List of free screen recording software

Record My Desktop

It is a great tool for Linux users and Record My Desktop is not for windows and mac users. This program records audio and video from Linux desktop. You can record full screen or part of the screen you wish.

Also use FRAPS which is a advanced game capturing tool.

These are some of the best list of free screen recording software I found out. If you know any other best screen recording software then please mention below.