Free photography and image editing softwares

Free photography and image editing softwaresYou are living on a digital era! you will be carrying your gadgets (phones, tabs, cameras) everyday as it is handy and so, snapping photo’s what ever you see by in your day to day life. Do you think that those photo’s needs to be edited with some graphical effects, then here are some great free photography and image editing softwares.

1. Digikam

Digikam is a image editor and photo management software. This software helps to organize your large number of photos easily that is similar to Adobe Lightroom.

Digikam Features

1. Organize and view your large collection of images
2. Create slideshows and share your creation using web
3. Edit, repair and enhance your digital images
4. Import pictures from library
5. View detailed image information like tags, copyrights, date-time & rating.

Platform – Digikam is an opensource software that works on Windows, Mac and Linux

Download Digikam

Free photography and image editing softwares - Digikam

2. Greenshot

It is a free and light weight scree capture tool similar to faststone capture which is a paid software. Greenshot is optimized for productivity.

Greenshot Features

1. Take a quick screenshots of a full page or a selected portion
2. Highlight, focus & magnify any part of captured images
3. Capture a scrolling web pages
4. Export your screenshots( e-mail, print, upload to web, clipboard)

Platform – It supports only Microsoft Windows

Download Greenshot

Free photography and image editing softwares - Greenshot

3. Gimp

Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program) One of the best free photo editing software which features most of the functions that Photoshop has. You can perform tasks like cropping, re-sizing and rotating images, enhancing photo quality, creating digital art works, giving effects to images, converting image formats and more…..

Platform – Gimp will run on all platforms Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download Gimp

Free photography and image editing softwares - Gimp

4. UFRaw

UFRaw is Unidentified Flying Raw which helps to read and edit the images from Digital camera. This software can run on its own or it can be integrated with Gimp(above mentioned) as a plug-in.

UFRaw Features

1. Make adjustments as you do on your camera
2. View images in raw format
3. Solves issues like white balance, exposure etc
4. Supports Zooming and Cropping functions

Platform – It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

Download UFRaw

Free photography and image editing softwares - UFRaw

5. PhotoRec

This software’s recovers your lost data files and it is a command line tool. If you lost some of your images in your pc then you can use PhotoRec to recover your files. It can recover images, video files, documents, archive files from Digital Camera Memory(Memory card, Flash drives, smart media), Hard Disks and CD-roms. It can also recover file formats like FAT, NTFS, exFAT, HFS+.

Platform – Its an open source tool runs on DOS, Windows (NT 4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8), Mac os X, Linux.

Download PhotoRec

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