Copyscape alternatives – Plagiarism checker tools to find duplicate content

copyscape alternatives - plagiarism checker toolsIn this post we will see some best Copyscape alternatives. We people blog and keep on blogging and we should never allow and don’t want to see someone to plagiarize our hard work. The practice of stealing someone’s ideas or work (movies, music, lyrics, books, site content) and using it by their own is called as plagiarism.

We all know Copyscape which is an online plagiarism checker which we use to find out the copied content. Copyscape is one of the best sites to find duplicate content, but it limits the users by URLs. To do more checks you need to buy premium account in Copyscape. So we are going to share some list of best Copyscape alternatives.

6 Best Copyscape alternatives

1. Plagium

Plagium is a free and best online plagiarism checker and the best alternative to Copyscape. In Copyscape we use the site URLs to check duplicate content. In Plagium you can paste the text for up to 25,000 characters and find out copied content. You also have some advanced options to check copied content like searching on web, on news, on social networks, using languages and by relevancy meter.

Copyscape alternatives - plagium - plagiarism checker tools

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2. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma is the second best free alternative to Copyscape. You have three options to check duplicate content. Check by pasting the text in text box, by URLs and by uploading the file (DOC, DOCX, PDF, TXT, and HTML). In addition to this you can also check duplicate contents by using the free downloadable software for windows.

Copyscape alternatives- Plagiarisma - plagiarism checker tools

3. Copygator

Copygator is another free and best alternative to Copyscape. It uses RSS feeds to find out duplicate content. It is mainly for monitoring RSS feeds. Enter your blog’s feed address and check for duplicate content. One of the best features by Copygator is it will notify you when someone steals your content.

Copyscape alternatives- CopyGator - plagiarism checker tools

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4. Duplichecker

Duplichecker is a free online plagiarism checker tool similar to plagiarism. To use this service you don’t need to register a account. Just copy and paste the text that you wish to check and the maximum allowed is 1500 words. Another option you have to check duplicate content is by uploading a Docx or text file.

Copyscape alternatives - Duplichecker - Plagiarism checker tools

5. Plagiarism Checker

In Plagiarism Checker you have only one option to check duplicate content. Just paste the content in search box and find out similar and duplicate contents. One great feature with Plagiarism checker tool is that you can set Google alert for particular text. When same similar text is found on the web it will notify you through e-mail.

Copyscape alternatives - plagiarism checker tools

6. Dustball

Dustball is the free plagiarism checker tool, but it also has premium version in which you need to pay 8$. You can check the copied content by just pasting the text.

Hope this 6 best plagiarism checker tools can greatly help you in finding the content thieves. These list are found to be the best Copyscape alternatives. If you found any plagiarism checker tool that is not here the please mention below.