Today Skype is one of the best and free communication modes. As you all know Skype has more uses and advantages in terms of communication and we are not here to see the advantages of Skype. We are here to enhance your Skype experience by revealing the 10 essential Skype tips and tricks.

10 essential Skype tips and tricks

1: Discover more Skype emoticons (Skype tips and tricks)

Emoticons are really cool and funny. In Skype you can see 72 emoticons that comes default and 72 is not less. You can add more hidden Skype emoticons just by typing these codes. Try these and see what new emoticons you are seeing in Skype.

(skype), (wfh), (mooning), (drunk), (time), (rock), (soccer), (oliver), (bug), (headbang), (hollest), (e), (toivo), (poolparty), (movie), (u), (ph), (smoking), (fubar), (zilmer), (punch), (swear), (finger) and there are more list of Skype emoticons you can get from here and here.

Skype tips and tricks - Skype chat tricks

2: Freeze emoticons in Skype (Skype tips and tricks)

There might be some reason that you don’t want your emoticons to be animated. If you find the animation to be annoying just simply stop animation of emoticons and this is another Skype chat tricks with emoticons. Go to tools >> options >> IM & SMS >> IM appearance and uncheck animate emoticons.

Skype tips and tricks - Skype chat tricks

3: Change default font style and size (Skype tips and tricks)

Skype by default uses Tahoma font with size of 8pt and if you find the font size to be small then change it. Go to tools >> options >> IM & SMS >> IM appearance and change the font, font style and font size.

Skype tips and tricks - Skype chat tricks

4: Change same similar names (Skype tips and tricks)

Are you having too many Skype contacts and can’t differentiate people with same names then simply change it. I am having more than 300 Skype contacts and few peoples have same names which I found it difficult to recognize. To change the name of your contacts just click the contact you want to change. Now hover the mouse over the name, you will see paper icon just click and edit the name.

Skype tips & tricks - Skype chat tricks

5: Edit your last sent message using keyboard shortcut

This Skype trick will allows you to quickly edit your last sent message. Most of us in a hurry send an incomplete message. To quickly edit your last sent message just press the UP arrow in your keyboard. The message appears back, now you can make changes and sent again.

Skype tips and tricks - Skype chat tricks

6: Delete message and alternate to edit message

If you made a wrong message and don’t want to appear in chat screen you can just delete it. This can also be an alternate to edit any messages in your list. Just right click on any sent messages and right click. Now click edit message to edit and delete message to delete. It adds a note saying “This message has been removed” when you delete a message.

Skype tips & tricks - Skype chat tricks

7: Hide the pencil indicator (Skype tips and tricks)

You will see a moving animated pencil indicator in Skype when a person behind you types a message. The same pencil indicator starts rubbing if they delete the message. If you don’t want to show the pencil indicator for the other people who you are chatting with, then simply hide it.

Go to tools >> options >> IM & SMS >> IM settings, click show advanced options and hide the pencil indicator.

Skype tips and tricks - Skype chat tricks

8: Add multiple line breaks (Skype tips and tricks)

Skype tips & tricks - Skype chat tricksType a message and just tap enter to send message that is what we usually do. You can add multiple line breaks just by pressing the shift key and tapping enter key. If you wish to override this setting just go to tools >> options >> IM & SMS >> IM settings and set the option (insert line break, send message) for enter key to perform.

9: Setup Alert notifications (Skype tips and tricks)

You have minimized your Skype window and when someone sends you message you will get notified in task bar.  Usually you will get notified for all the messages you receive. This Skype chat trick notifies you only for preferred words like “urgent” “immediate”. Go to Conversation >> notification settings and enter the most important words to notify.

Skype tips and tricks - Skype chat tricks

10: Display multiple chat windows (Skype tips and tricks)

Busy peoples chat with multiple contacts at the same time. By default you have to switch between contacts to chat. This Skype chat trick adds multiple windows to chat with different people.  Go to view and select compact view. Now open multiple chat windows double click your contacts.

Skype tips and tricks - Skype chat tricks

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