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How to hide a wordpress post from homepage or feeds – WP hide posts

In wordpress you can hide a blog post easily from homepage by just back dating it or you can make the post or page visibility to private. For instance login to your wordpress site, add a new post, now in publishing options set the date to past and then publish it. This will hide that

How to limit / change number of posts displayed on Blogger homepage

Your blog’s homepage is more important than any other pages because it is the one that gets more exposure. Each and every blog post vary according to topics and that may not be same in size. Displaying too many posts in your blogs home page especially long posts may reduce your page speed. Also showing

How to hide a blog post in Blogger – Hide certain posts from homepage

At times very rarely you might think about hiding a blog post from your homepage. Let us assume that you are publishing an irrelevant material in your blog and that is to verify Technorati claim token. This becomes needless for your visitors, so just after verifying you are deciding to hide that post from your