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How to insert images into Google Forms – Adding pictures and videos

Do you need to collect feedback for your products/service? Or do you need to create a form for event registration? Or do you need to create application form or contact form for your website? Google Forms is an all in all solution to quickly collect information from public, colleagues, friends and customers. Creating Forms in

How to download all data from Google using Google Takeout

We all know that other than search engine; Google has wide range of products such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Plus, Google Drive, Blogger, Picasa, Orkut and more. We all might be using all these services for more than Years and you might be storing all the important information like photos, contacts, documents etc. Having a

How to create Google docs in Google drive and share it to public

We all know Google provides its services with more security and privacy. Google docs a web based office suite which is free and it is one of the best place to secure our documents. Google docs is no more a separate service, it’s been connected with Google drive. With 15 GB of free space you