Types of Internet Marketing to promote your business

The process of promoting your business (Product, Brand & Services) online is known as internet marketing. Majority of people now a days promoting their business online! Why don’t you? Through internet marketing you can promote your business to millions of targeted people as it is a global media. Effort in terms of money is less

How to use Google Webmaster tools effectively for SEO

Google has two programs for SEO one is the Analytics which just shows the traffic resources to your website and other is the Google Webmaster Tools which is an amazing program for every site owners that tends to analyse your site completely and helps to improve your site visibility in Google searches. This post helps

WordPress Themes, Widgets and Menus (level beginner)

This post is the continuation of WordPress basics. It covers the appearance section wordpress themes, widgets and menus where you can completely modify your website’s look and feel as you like. 1. Themes As there are so many wordpress developers you can find tons of free & premium wordpress themes available to download just Google

List of Google adsense alternatives for publishers

Some bloggers blog for their hobby and some blog as a full or part time cash making domain, whatever it may be a blog or website it should generate some descent revenue. Google has two types of publishers one who receive constant cheque’s and others don’t and there are some who don’t even get approval

How to make money from online – Make use of

There are several topics and discussion posted day by day around the web on how to make money from online, but this post is for people who needs the topic to be explained in a different and elaborated way. Internet is the biggest network in the globe which connects all types of people from students,

Best list of free image & graphic designing softwares

Never mind that you are not a graphic designer, every one like IT professionals, students, media institutes will get greatly useful with this softwares. All these softwares will match in one way or other to some big commercial software’s in which you have to spend your penny, but these are Free really worth!. Take a

Don’t get confused with posts and pages in wordpress

This article is for beginners who are confused with posts and pages in wordpress. You will have a doubt that both post and pages have same field, then why should i use both. Yes they are both same when it comes to look and feel ( theme & content), but there is more difference with