What are HTTP status codes – SEO best practices

What are HTTP status codes? Its an three digit numbers that shows the status of the HTTP(HyperText Transfer Protocol) request when a visitor or search engines makes a request to a web host. Why you should understand the HTTP status codes? At times even your own blog or website may show these codes and you

How to change the author name in wordpress post

If you are allowing user to post in your wordpress site as a guest blogging via emails (or) lets say you like an article from Ezine articles and you are publishing it in your website in your name which you are violating copyrights, later You are willing to change the author name to the guy

how to add logo to YouTube videos for branding

You might have seen many popular channels in YouTube have their brand logo sticking some corner of the video. So how do they add it? Do they add it to every video manually before they upload? This topic helps you on how to add logo to YouTube videos for branding. How to add logo to YouTube

SEO tricks to avoid being banned by Google

SEO tricks to avoid ? No these are some nasty SEO blackhat methods to avoid getting banned by Google. Optimize your site in a whitehat manner(ethical SEO) – keyword research, Meta tags, build backlinks like a human not with some one click software’s. Since Google finds easily and doesn’t likes sites that do black-hat tricks.

How to recover wordpress password (step by step)

Day by Day you will be using many secured websites like (Gmail, Paypal, banking, Facebook etc) having dozens of passwords saved in your mind and so you have the chances of forgetting your password. Lost your WP password? No worries! this post helps to recover your wordpress password in simple easy steps. Go to your

How to Embed Google Maps in wordpress site

If you have a local business listed in Google places and like to show your map in wordpress site, then this post is for you. How to embed Google Maps in wordpress (posts & pages) Go to https://maps.google.com/ Type your business name in search box and point out the exact location Next click the link

Free photography and image editing softwares

You are living on a digital era! you will be carrying your gadgets (phones, tabs, cameras) everyday as it is handy and so, snapping photo’s what ever you see by in your day to day life. Do you think that those photo’s needs to be edited with some graphical effects, then here are some great