How to analyze your SEO competitors – Analyze execute and rank

Each and every business (online & offline) has some heavy competition to achieve success. When it comes to internet marketing; SEO is one of the key factors to consider which you know, we know and your competitors know too. This post helps you on how to analyze your SEO competitors in a right way. You

How to pick the right keywords for SEO – Get specific and get found

As you all know choosing keywords is the very first step to carry out in SEO. Whether it is organic search (SEO) or paid search (PPC) keyword matters in order to drive targeted traffic to you website. Picking right keywords can even get your business to the peak. This post helps you how to pick

List of free keyword research tools for SEO and SEM

Keyword research is one of the main factors in search engine marketing and the very first step to carry out in the process of Search Engine Optimization is keyword researching. Internet marketing lies mainly with search engines, visitors search for a keyword and pick up a website that is listed in the top 10. Picking

how to add clickable link to YouTube videos that links to your website

YouTube has a feature called annotations that allows you to add text info, link to related video and even clickable link to your website that is associated with YouTube account. This post has a detailed explanation on how to add clickable link to YouTube videos that points to your website. In order to have external

How to prevent wordpress site from being hacked – Secure WordPress

This site is hacked by Anonymous! Do you want to see this in your website? N0! No one wants their site to be hacked by some cyber criminals. There is a study that says that several thousand sites are hacked every year and the majority of hacked site runs on WordPress. You know WordPress is

Highly recommended wordpress plugins for bloggers

There are tons of plugins for wordpress in order to help make your blog get more and more additional features like designing, SEO, sharing, security and so on. Finding the best that suits for your website is really hard so this post helps you with a list of most popular and highly recommended wordpress plugins

Best free online storage sites to backup your files

There are several advantages to store your files online. Your files remain safer, you can access your files from anywhere, sharing huge sized files becomes easy, More privacy than your local pc and so on… Here lets see what are the best free online storage sites to backup your files 1. Google Drive Google drive