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What are Trackbacks and Pingbacks in wordpress and their differences?

WordPress is unlimited in terms of potential and imagination and so users need huge resources. When we first started this blog, we posted all about wordpress unsystematically. Later we planned to make things organized and then we started posting from basics and finally to go on with advanced topics. We have covered most of the

Beginners guide to create MySQL database for wordpress installation

WordPress is a powerful content management system, an engine that runs on majority of websites. The point is, WordPress makes several tasks simple and one thing that it makes very simple is installing the software. You do not need any coding knowledge and most of the hosting companies offer you Fantastico, a popular tool that

How to add border, frame and shadow effects to your wordpress images

Do you like to hang pictures around your wall without framing it? No one does! A picture without a frame doesn’t look cool and it is not even a picture, it is just a plain image. Whether it is your living room or your website, adding border or framing an image will give an enhanced

Make wordpress menu links nofollow – rel=”nofollow” to menu navigation

Recently a visitor asked us how to make the wordpress menu links nofollow. First of all nofollow is a link element that tells Google not to pass any ranking values (page rank) to the other linked document. Honestly adding rel=”nofollow” is very useful to maintain your page strength. We have once discussed a lot about

WordPress: Limit / Change number of posts in archive pages /category

Recently a visitor asked us how to change the number of posts per page in wordpress. We simply suggested him to change the number of posts in reading settings, but actually he didn’t mean it. He wished to change the number of posts displayed only on category pages and not on home page or any

How to change user roles in wordpress – User roles and capabilities

Believe it wordpress is completely flexible, using your coding skills you can quite customize your website in to anything you want. With a solid concept you can build your wordpress website in to a forum, directory, classifieds and even a social network. All that can be achieved by coding’s and plugins. OK let’s hub in

How to add Facebook like box in wordpress – FB fan box for wordpress

We came across many websites, blogs, and forums of various kinds and what we noticed utmost is the Facebook like box.  Most of the sites were displaying their Facebook fan page in sidebar and even some as a popup window. It is the social proof and by displaying the like box in your website you