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How to limit access to wordpress login page by IP address

By default your wordpress login page is open for everybody, anyone can just type /wp-admin or /wp-login.php next to your domain name and reach your site entry point. So what do they do after reaching the entrance, they simply try to get in to your dashboard by attempting several logins. You should always be aware

WordPress security keys and salts generator– Secure your wordpress

As a wordpress user you must know some common things in order to secure your site. We are providing more security tips and procedures for wordpress users. In this article you will learn about securing your site using wordpress security keys and salts. Also let’s see some basics about what and why to use wordpress

Limit login attempts in wordpress site – WordPress security

Recently our hosting blocked one of our wordpress site and we couldn’t find the exact reason and when we requested about this problem to our hosing they mentioned that the site gets overloaded from a particular IP address (brute force attack) and we finally concluded it as a hacker trying to access our wordpress admin