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Beginners guide to blogging with blogger

There are still many who don’t know how to start a blog and for them we have decided to make a post on beginners guide to blogging with blogger. For starters you have three options Free (, blogger, Tumblr), commercial (Square space) and self-hosted (, Joomla, Drupal) blogging platforms. If you are willing to spend

Self hosted blog VS Third party blog hosting – Ultimate comparison

You have gone through many blogs like ( and (, Yes, you got that! Today we are going to compare all the pros and cons of self hosted blog VS third party blog hosting. Before we compare let’s see what is self-hosted blog and third party blog hosting in a nutshell Blogs that have

Highly recommended wordpress plugins for bloggers

There are tons of plugins for wordpress in order to help make your blog get more and more additional features like designing, SEO, sharing, security and so on. Finding the best that suits for your website is really hard so this post helps you with a list of most popular and highly recommended wordpress plugins